Switch Playground Sandton


Finally, Switch Playground is coming to Sandton! With locations all across South Africa and New York, this HIIT workout is a definite must. Developed by Steve Uria, this 45 min training session is addictive. You are given a number before the class, and after your yoga warm up (Namasté bitches!), the DJ pumps the music and you head over to the station which your number represents. The stations vary from weight/strength training, running on the treadmill, box jumping, stair master, row machine - you get the point. You have 2 minutes on each station until the instructor yells: SWITCH! over the blaring music! Then you switch to the next station. No wonder some of the Victoria Secret models get their body’s snatched at the studio in SoHo, New York City, which founder Steve Uria leads sessions. You gotta look great cause you might find yourself switching with Liev Schreiber and 50 Cent. Did I also mention that the guys that go to Switch Playground are beyond HOT!! Instructors included! And I’m sure Sandton will be swarming with snacks! I will be seeing you there!

For more information on Switch Playground, click here.