The Wendy Williams Show

“How You Doin?!” It has been well over a month since the “Say It Like You Mean It” host has been on her own daytime talk show. Instead, they have had numerous celebrities guest host the show. Host have included, Nick Cannon, who was so damn loud, Jason Biggs, Sherri Shepard, Keke Palmer and today Michael Rappaport.

Look, I am a Wendy Watcher. I love Wendy! However, I am concerned, fans are concerned and rumour are swirling that the staff at The Wendy Williams Show are very concerned about the future of the show. Wendy Willams does suffer from Graves Disease and at the end of last year at one of her last times on air she suffered a fractured shoulder. That show you could see she was loopy and slurring her words. We also cannot forget the infamous, Halloween incident where Wendy fall to the ground on live television due to over heating in her costume. Then there are the Kevin Hunter rumours, which Love B.Scott reported on, and subsequent to that received a cease and desist letter from Wendy William’s lawyer.

Could this be the end of The Wendy Williams Show? I just want Wendy to come back, glitter, big eyes and burping - crying for the first minute she is back on air, asking for a cotton swap to wipe away her tears and slip the tea. I wish you well Wendy. Get better soon.