“Battle of the Legends: Vogueing at the Met” judged by Anna Wintour

This year’s Met Gala’s theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion. And nothing says camp like a good ol fashion Ball. Just last week, after Lady Gaga cleared her glitters and gays off the Metropolitan Museum steps in New York, voguers and ballroom contestants battled it out in from of iconic judge Anna Wintour herself! Major! The Editor in Chief scored the six contestants; Asia Balenciaga, Bootz Prodigy, Omari Mizrahi, Malik Mugler, Tamiyah Mugler and Ty Ebony. What I would give to watch Anna Wintour screaming “Yaaasss Queen!” or “Kakakakakaka KA!”. “Battle of the Legends: Vogueing at the Met” gave us death drops, tongue pops and took us home hone! I don’t think there would be a more fitting judge than Anna Wintour, to give them their 10s!